Frequently Asked Questions

What is double glazing?
Double Glazing stops conduction and convection but not radiation because you can see through glass. Double glazing keeps your house at a constant temperature because there is a vacuum in between two layers of glass. There are no air or particles in a vacuum, so heat cannot be conducted through it. Therefore the cool air inside your home cannot be lost to outside, and vice versa.
Windows are designed to let in light, while blocking air and objects from entering the house. In addition, single glazed windows provide some insulation, but not much. Windows are only a few millimeters thick, and heat can easily flow through them, making it more expensive to heat and cool your house. Double glazed windows are designed to let light through while blocking the movement of heat, turning your windows into good insulators.

What will happen during a visit from us?
We will visit your home to discuss your requirements. We will bring samples of our products and explain the benefits. We can tailor our meeting to you, making it as informative or as brief as you want. If you wish, you can choose some designs for your windows and doors, we will then forward you a no obligation, 30 day valid quote within 7-10 working days.

What will happen to my old windows?
We can arrange to take them away at cost. Much of the old window can be recycled.

Can we have a fly screen?
Yes we provide retractable fly screens.

How long will it take to fit our double glazed windows and doors?
Our fitting team fit on average 4 windows per day, but fit one window at a time so that you are not left without a window in place.